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UPDATE 20.03.2020


On the occasion to the current situation we have come up with something special for you and designed a premium „COSHIT/666“ toilet paper roll for emergencies, which is now FREE!!!  with every order. There is also a surprise CD of our own releases for the first 25 orders. Visit our online shop at  www.morbidgeneration.de  and let off steam. Our warehouse is full and for us, as well as for the bands, a large part of the festival season is canceled with direct sales. That is why we are happy to deliver to you at home, and when we meet again next time there will be an extra kiss at the stand. Unfortunately there is a small limitation, when ordering vinyl outside of Germany we have to pay a small surcharge for the packaging because of the roll. You can see our offers on our homepage! Buy now or cry later !!!






Hey Folks!

We´re at the Death Feast Open Air in the time from 21.08.2019 until 25.08.2019. Therefore we can´t handle any orders or answer eMails (we have to sell merch and drink, ya know ;) ) On Monday, the 12608.2019 we´re back in the office and will handle all of your orders of corpse! Hopefully see you during the weekend. 


At first some not so good News. By rising Shipping Rates, Fees and more ( not only in Germany, Worldwide), we must cancel our Free CD Campaign (30.04.2019) and raise some Cd prices , we are at a Point that we dont Trade so much Cd´s like back in the Days, we also Pay for the Cd´s plus Shipping, we work together with Brutal Mind, NSE,Reallity Fate Records and more Labels around the World too deliver you the sickest and newest Stuff for the Best Price. But we will work out another Special for you our Customer, so Watch Out. Now the Good News, there will be some new Categories in the Shop ( Festivals were we are, Rare and Import and More), we will work more together with Brutal Mind Records for Merchandise and Unmatched Brutality Records for more Brutality and Re Release Stuff. We will Inform you Via Facebook about News and Stuff we do ore we will do. 



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